Zele Cooler

Venue: Mendez drive

Location: Diego Martin

Date: Jan 07 to Jan 07

Length: 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm

o fete
/to feit/🔊

1. when an individual leaves their home full of energy to attend a carnival gathering where the music flows and when man and woman does wine and end up on the ground

The countdown to #ZèleCooler has begun!

Early Bird $225 tickets are now available via any member of the
zèlerz association:

Akeem “Twix” Williams | Amanda Boyce | Anton Pinto | Bryan De Freitas | Christopher Manohar | Christopher La Borde | Damian Archie | David Wears | Dimitri Britton | Ewan Headley | Gregory Loregnard | Gyasi Browne | Ishmael Joseph | Janelle Jadoo | Johann Corneille | Kasi Pierre | Kevin Curden | Kevin Lucas | Khadaesha Sobers | Kyle James | Marquis Thomas | Nariba Robinson | Nathan Osouna | Nicholas “Soca Trainer” Prescott | Olivia Andrews | Preston Collingwood | Renee Layne | Shaquille Flemming | Sean Armorer | Sean Romany | Stephon “Jelly” Isaac | Tamika Thomas | Vanessa Phillip | Von Mitchell | Yogeeta Sookdeo

Eopsetopia Lounge – Level 1 Richmond Street Parkade

Contact the zèle events hotline (703-2949) or email thezeleevents@gmail.com for more information.

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